Couples Foot Massage Classes

by | Dec 28, 2017

Forget the shoulder pain for a bit and talk to your feet. How are they feeling? If the answer isn’t ‘Feels great!’ you should sign up for this foot massage class! Who turns down an experienced foot rub? We’ll teach you how to do it right, and help you get as much benefit out of your time as we can!

This class is two hours long. Please come comfortably dressed, ready to pay attention and touch some sore feet. Our recommendation is sweats, leggings, t-shirts, comfortable shoes, etc. Antibacterial sprays and towels will be available before each teaching session to ensure all parties are sanitary and safe. Light refreshments will be available before the session and during the short recess between sessions.

This class is highly recommended for Diabetics, Sales(wo)men, and cooks. Hard work deserves a reward, and an excellent foot rub is a true time-tested and approved delight. Purchase a gift card today so you can have hassle free sign up for our next class!

Purchase today to reserve your spot for our couples’ foot massage classes!

We’re offering two days only to learn to care for your own feet and your partner’s. Sign up for either:



A bit about the history of foot massage:

Long, long ago in China, undressing or touching a client in covered areas would be tantamount to professional suicide for doctors. So how did they determine what was wrong with their patients? By looking at their tongues, hands, and feet! You may think your feet only tell people about your tan lines, but if a professional gets their hands on you, you’d be surprised what they can learn!

Besides addressing the general tension and discomfort of sore feet, we can often determine if you have a headache, stiff shoulders, even if your hips or neck are sore! If you’d like to learn more about what secrets your feet can tell you, please join us in January for our foot massage class.