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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, RTP Medical Massage is going to put the love and power in your hands with a two-hour Couples Massage class. You will be guided in learning to give and receive the soothing benefits of massage to relieve pain and stress, increase circulation and improve overall health.

What a perfect gift – for both of you.



What should we expect?

Expect to learn some gentle, effective massage techniques anyone can use, and stretches to make your daily life easier and to help you show your appreciation for a loved one.

Two classes are offered with a maximum of 6 couples (12 people) per class.

The cost is $60/couple.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone is invited — partners, friends, mothers & daughters.  Massage is a wonderful gift and a lovely skill anyone can share. We’ll show you how to do it right.

Come comfortably dressed – sweats, leggings, t-shirts, etc. are perfect!   Light refreshments will be available


What Else Should I Know?

Just how wonderful it is to be able to give a good massage and to be on the receiving end of one whether it’s for the scalp, the feet, the back or elsewhere.  Massage relieves pain and stress, increases circulation and improves overall health.  It will be time well spent.

It is important to bring a partner in order to practice technique and provide feedback.

Hope to see you there!