Sharon Shea is a Board Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed in North Carolina.

She has owned and operated several Massage Therapy Centers here and in New York for the past 20 years. Sharon holds a BS in Computer Science but her passion is Massage and Bodywork. She has experience with many modalities and uses them to relax the body and relieve pain. Her most recent studies include massage for Desk Workers, Veterans, Geriatrics, and Oncology.

On days off you may find her hiking at Umstead, volunteering for seniors, or driving east for a walk at the beach.

NCLMBT Lic # 9390
NCLTMB 552781-08


Joanne Hoffman is a Board Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed in North Carolina. She has practiced massage therapy in North Carolina since 1999.  She graduated from The New Center for Wholistic Health, Education and Research in Syosset, New York in 1996 (now known as The New York College of Health Professions). She has duel licensing in NY and NC and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Joanne is a strong nurturer in Massage and believes firm pressure works the best. She enjoys using pressure points and has a special interest in working out aching muscles on patients from long work hours behind the computer – it’s always a rewarding experience for Joanne.

Joanne lives with her husband, her mom, 4 cats, 1 dog and her many outdoor critters –  deer, birds and rabbits, to name a few. She enjoys walking, hiking and wildlife. Her hobbies include cooking, camping and has developed a passion for adult coloring that she sends to Coloring 4 Cancer.
NCLMBT Lic # 164


Jenell Conosrti is a massage & bodywork therapist and certified breathwork facilitator who specializes in releasing physical and emotional trauma from the body. After getting her license in 2012, she focused on how emotions are stored in the body and how they can manifest into physical symptoms. Being fascinated with the mind-body connection and wanting to get the most sustainable relief for her clients, she dedicated the next several years to studying the connection of physical pain to emotional wellness. In 2018, she discovered breathwork and fell in love with this self-healing modality and in 2019, she became certified in the Pause Breathwork method. Now she combines breathwork into her bodywork sessions to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the client.

NCLMBT Lic #12454 
Nelson Chan, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, harnesses the remarkable yet underrated power of touch to alleviate stress and discomfort.  

In order to effectively utilize this capability, Nelson believes that a considerable amount of care has to be applied to the body.  He spends the time to give the body the attention and detail it needs and deserves.  As a case in point, unlike most massage and bodywork therapists, Nelson finds it difficult within his standards of high-quality care to provide a full body massage in 60 minutes without rushing through parts of the body, which he does not do because it does not feel productive or relaxing for his clients.  In that case, he feels comfortable providing a full body massage with no specific areas to focus on in 90 minutes.  He offers 45-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute sessions to accommodate the amount of time his clients determine—using his 90-minute simple full body massage as a benchmark—would be adequate for their needs to be addressed.  Nelson works for his clients, listening to their needs and addressing them with a variety of modalities and techniques.  He aligns their expectations with what he can deliver.  Please read more about the services Nelson provides before you book your next session with him.  Beyond the professionalism, attention, and detail he provides, Nelson feels honored to have clients who are willing to invest their time and allow him to spread the positive effects of his touch.  He tries his best to meet his clients where they are and take them where they want to go.

In his free time, Nelson plays the guitar.  He also provides compassionate touch to those who face challenges with their health.  A couple of fun facts about Nelson are: he has lived in five states and he has two bachelor’s degrees.
NCLMBT Lic # 20417

Philip is a high-energy worker that specializes in and takes pride in the quality of care and improvement of life provided to each and every client. He is dedicated to giving each client the best possible outcome. He is very social and personable and makes it a top priority to make every client feel comfortable and cared for. It is of highest importance to him to keep his body in the best physical condition to provide the best treatment possible, he does strength, stamina, and mobility training to ensure he does not get burnt out from his passion for massage. He  specializes in deep tissue massage, gua sha, cupping, stretching, and mobilizations. He thrives in clinical environments and has a keen attention to detail which helps him critically analyze the root cause of the physical problems his clients have, this helps him provide treatment specialized for each clients objectives and goals.
NCLMBT Lic # 21486
Robin is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage where she practiced in Maryland for 17 years before moving to North Carolina.  Her specialties are Medical/Therapeutic Massage.  She is also certified shiatsu (acupressure) practitioner and a certified Yoga Instructor with over 35 years of experience in both fields. Robin has worked with people of all ages in a variety of settings. Some of her specialties are working with the senior adult population and people with special needs. As part of her massage treatments, she recommends relaxation, breathing techniques and exercises to support the healing and comfort of each client.
NCLMBT Lic #19185


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